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  1. Hi. I was reading the comparison between LG B8 and LG C8. In the HFR section. What is the maximum frame rate that the B8 can support if the signal is 4k (3840 x 2160) and HDR? What is the maximum for the C8?

    Essentially, I dont know the definition of what constitutes "HIGH" frame rate. I am aware that 24hz is typical in movies and films in general, and 50hz and 60hz is typical for broadcast television programing. My current guess is that HFR is anything above 60hz (the highest typical)...but perhaps a 4k HDR 60hz movie could be considered HFR because 60hz is above the typical 24hz on movies.

    Can the b8 do 4k hdr at 60hz?

    1. Hi,

      120fps (frames per second) is considered HFR (High Frame Rate).

      The LG C8 supports 4K HDR 120fps, albeit only via streaming and USB (and not via HDMI).

      The LG B8 supports either 4K 120fps or 4K HDR but not 4K HDR 120fps due to the less powerful Alpha 7 processor. However, the LG B8 is able to do 4K HDR at 60fps, even via HDMI.

      Hope that helps.