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Sony X95K vs X95J (XR85X95K vs XR85X95J; XR75X95K vs XR75X95J; XR65X95K vs XR65X95J)

The biggest difference between the Sony X95K and X95J is arguably the backlight type: the X95K has Mini LED backlight whereas the X95J uses full-array LED. As a result, there are more local dimming zones on the Sony X95K in comparison to the Sony X95J which leads to more precise backlight control so that there is less chance of exhibiting halos around bright areas when the background is dark, for example. Furthermore, the brighter highlights on the Sony X95K vs X95J allow HDR content to look more spectacular.

Sony X95K Sony X95J
Model Year 2022 2021
Size class 65", 75", 85"
Resolution 4K (3840x2160)
Display Type LCD
It requires a backlight since it's not self-emitting.
Backlight Type Mini LED Full Array LED
In both cases the LEDs are directly behind the screen, albeit in different numbers (and sizes). The Mini LED allows for much higher density backlight than full-array LED.
Local Dimming Yes (XR Backlight Master Drive) Yes
It differs in the level of precision since the Mini LED backlight allows the X95K to have significantly more zones than the X95J, which makes it more capable of minimizing flare and halos around bright objects against dark background. The X95K also utilizes a special algorithm to control the thousands of Mini LEDs.
Contrast XR Contrast Booster 15 XR Contrast Booster 10
The dynamic range on the X95K is greater than the X95J due to the higher peak brightness in small highlights and deeper black level in shadows within the same frame.
Color 10-bit (XR Triluminos Pro)
Both TVs utilize 10-bit panels so are capable of delivering over a billion colors.
Anti Reflection Yes (X-Anti Reflection)*
*Except for the 65-inch model from the X95J series.
Processor Cognitive Processor XR
Thanks to this processor both TVs are able to determine the focal point in the frame, and prioritize image enhancements in the area where you'd be most likely to focus (e.g. the main character in a movie scene), thus improving the image depth. Furthermore, both the X95K and X95J have identical image processing features such as the XR 4K Upscaling, XR Motion Clarity.
Calibrated modes IMAX Enhanced; Netflix Adaptive Calibrated Mode
BRAVIA CORE Calibrated mode No
Even though the BRAVIA CORE app can be installed on both TVs, the X95K is able to automatically adjust the picture settings in order to better preserve the filmmaker's intent if you're using this particular streaming service. When it comes to Netflix, however, both the X95K and X95J have Netflix Adaptive Calibrated Mode which optimizes the brightness of the TV based on the ambient light conditions.
Gaming (PS5) Perfect for PlayStation 5 (as designated by Sony)
The Auto HDR Tone Mapping and Auto Genre Picture Mode are PS5-exclusive features, but in order to use them a software update needs to be installed on both your TV and console (which also have to be directly connected for these features to work). The Auto HDR Tone Mapping must be enabled when pairing the two devices for the first time, or you'll have to repeat the initial setup.
Input lag ~8.5 ms*
*with 4K @ 120Hz signal. When it comes to 60Hz signal, though, the input lag nearly doubles. VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) support is expected to be added via a future firmware update.
Sound Acoustic Multi-Audio
There are two sound positioning tweeters, two mid-range speakers, and dual subwoofers on both the X95J and X95K. Furthermore, they are equipped with 3D Surround Upscaling technology so that they can emulate three-dimensional audio by using the TV speakers without the need of dedicated surround or height speakers. The X95J and X95K also support Dolby Atmos.
Camera BRAVIA CAM (Optional) No
This camera is sold separately, and can be used initially for video chat but after a future software update it should have more functions such as detecting where you sit in the room in order to tailor the image and sound quality based on your viewing/listening position.
Stand 3-way multi-position stand*
*Except for the 65-inch model from the X95J series which has a 2-way stand with standard and raised (for placing a soundbar) positions, meaning it omits the narrow setting that the 75-inch and 85-inch class models have.
Pricing & Availability Sony X95K Sony X95J
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